Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google Talk Gadget Multilingual Now Supports 20 New Languages

Now you can see all these languages in the pull down menu on the the Google Talk homepage,;
Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English(UK), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.
I think it is really important to be able to chat, talk in ones native language. My problem is that I am some what fluent in a few languages (no scholar though!) English (I still spell color, colour!!) , Dutch, Japanese and jabbering ability in few other languages. The picture above shows the gadget in Japanese which I will use to communicate with my girlfriends family (my girl friend and I speak in a language which is a combination of English, Dutch and Japanese.) and some of our friends in Japan.
Sometimes we feel that Google Talk is neglected child at Google but then something happens that put a smile on our and our friends faces. When people are looking for VoIP solutions, it is good to have something that we could use from any and every web browser. Will we be able to Google talk on Google phone?
Google Talkabout: Google Talk Gadget in 20 new languages


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