Wednesday, November 28, 2007

EU Telecom Council Will Convene In, Brussels, 29 November 2007

Telecom Council, Brussels, 29 November 2007
The EU Council of 27 Telecom Ministers will meet tomorrow in Brussels. For Telecoms issues, the Commission will be represented by Viviane Reding, EU Telecoms Commissioner.
The main subject to be discussed will be the Commission proposal of 13 November on reforming the EU Telecoms Rules.
The Council is also expected to adopt conclusions on Mobile TV, to make progress towards quickly repealing the GSM Directive and towards a better system for mobile satellite services.
Main agenda items at this Telecom Council:
EU Telecoms Reform: Outlining the proposals to reform the EU's current Telecoms Rules.(see IP/07/1677; IP/07/1678)
Mobile TV: Strengthening the single market for mobile TV and promoting DVB-H as European standard.(see IP/07/340)
GSM Directive: Making it easier to offer and develop innovative Europe-wide mobile communications.(see IP/07/1170)
Mobile Satellite Services: Towards a better process for European Mobile Satellite Services. (see IP/07/1243)
E-Inclusion: Ageing well in the Information Society and the Commission's initiative for an all-inclusive digital society.(see IP/07/831)

Also at this Telecoms Council:
The Commission will present information about:

  • the results of the recent World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (see IP/07/987 for the EU's position prior to the Conference);
  • the status of the '116 numbers', the single European freephone numbers for harmonised services of social value: on the implementation progress of the first number, 116000 for hotlines for missing children (see IP/07/188), and on the two new numbers reserved: 116111 for child helplines and 116123 for emotional support line for adults

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