Friday, November 16, 2007

Hosted VoIP for UK Market From Coms Plc

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coms Plc, provider of VoIP business telephony solutions, has today launched Coms.Net, a fully hosted VoIP service for business. Coms.Net provides its customers with a fully featured, scalable, configurable and low cost state of the art VoIP business phone system.

Terry Martin, CEO of Coms Plc, commented: For many years now small businesses have been plagued with problems of telephony systems; specifically scalability and cost. Using Coms.Net Hosted PBX services you don't need a traditional PBX installed in your office - immediately lowering costs for the business. Incoming and outgoing calls are answered and routed by our servers to any phone, wherever it is. Adding new users is simply achieved with the click of a mouse and most importantly without the capital expenditure incurred on a traditional PBX since scalability is already built into our solution. Typically, we have found that the system is about 1/3rd the cost of running a traditional PBX system yet offers far more functionality, flexibility and scalability.

Jon Berman, Systems Director, Media Corporation Plc, comments on the Coms.Net service: When Media Core decided to review its telephony we needed to find a system which suited all our needs as a fast changing and growing business. Having tried a host of other options, including traditional PBX and IP PBX, we selected the Coms.Net service. Its speed and competitive pricing couldnt be challenged and the quality of service was superior to other offerings. During our tests we found that the reliability and call quality of the Coms.Net service was comparable to a traditional PBX, but the service was delivered at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of the Coms.Net VoIP system for SMEs

Moving voice communications to VoIP isn't just about saving money on calls. Smart companies will make the transition because of a whole host of other reasons that include improved business communication, customer service, and increased employee productivity and mobility.

The benefits of a Hosted VoIP communications model are numerous and go beyond simple costs savings as customers have access to this technology without the associated problems of system acquisition, finance, deployment and support.


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