Monday, November 26, 2007

Wireless Industry's take on Google Phone, Android

I was reading a post on Cisco SP360, "Google and the Open Mobile Phone", about Google phone (one of the most visited link on the site, got dugg twice!) initiative and the wireless industry's view of the matter. Larry Lang has been to the wireless conference known as Rutberg Wireless Influencers conference and of course the talk of the town has been Android. But what made me laugh out and shout "What" was Verizon's president and CEO, Lowell McAdam, said when asked about the Google Phone.
"For example, what if malware infected an Android-equipped phone and started relaying your exact location to a stalker?"
Malware could infect any phone and give such opportunities to bad people. If his argument is right, Microsoft OS based PC's should be secure from malware while Linux desktops filled with malware. We all know it is other way around. Google is not doing this for love of the world and they stand to gain a lot if the android is welcomed by masses. The fact as I have mentioned before, it is not the android that US wireless carriers like Verizon must look out for. It is the Open Spectrum that these Androids might roam. Verizon even filed a lawsuit against FCC, regarding this open Spectrum issue.
So all I have to say to Mr. McAdam is that to come up with a better ideas and strategies, rather than throwing malware mud at Open Source. There others who excels in that particular ability, with manufactured case studies and facts etc to create FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt]. The above statement only made me laugh, no fear!


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