Wednesday, November 14, 2007

iPhone Might Have a two Pronged March to China

According to various news sources on the net says that China Unicom may be open to selling Apple's iPhone in China, giving Apple a second option for bringing its device to the world's most populous market. If Apple decides to chose both of the carriers, they might give geographic regions or boundaries for sale of iPhone. If they do not, that might lead to competition and eroded the profits for both Apple and the Carrier(s).Apple might not chose to have a second carrier in my thinking, bearing the profit in mind.
But it might not be able to get hefty cuts it is getting from AT&T from iPhone revenue, said to be $18 and account a month. So negotiations must be counting the potential customers, which is much hight than the AT&T has in USA.

Another aspect of the game is that China Mobile is a member of Google's Open Handset Alliance
and this might give a little advantage to China Unicom, the second largest mobile telecom network operator in China, who says that it has no plans currently to offer the iPhone, but it is considering talking to Apple about a deal. These comments come just after the CEO of larger rival China Mobile said his company is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone, which stirred up the stock price of both Apple and China Mobile.
What ever the case, Chinese customers will be able to use an iPhone by the time Olympics, at least in some cities where 3G service is available.
I gathered my information from PC World


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