Friday, November 23, 2007

SIP, VoIP Market to Reach 1.2 Billion Users and $150 Billion in Revenue

In its recent report, The Worldwide SIP Services Market, ABI Research reviews the global landscape for SIP services. It includes forecasts for the market potential up to 2012, including users (consumer versus business), service revenue, and capital expenditure. It forms part of three subscription Research Services: Mobile Operators, Wireless Infrastructure, and Fixed Mobile Convergence.

ABI Research expects that by 2012, almost 1.2 billion VoIP users to be active, with most users also subscribing to several forms of messaging and video sharing driven by interest in user-generated content. Additional services supported by SIP will include presence, click to dial, buddy lists, e-mail, and Web access, which are assumed to be “core” services and included as standard in any service offering and bundled with broadband access. A portion of the VoIP users will also be connected to an FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) service.

SIP services will develop into the norm after 2010 and rapidly begin to dominate the world’s telecom markets. By 2012, almost half of all telecom users will be using at least one SIP service, but likely will have many services from multiple devices able to communicate with other users and services across the Web and between enterprise and public networks. This will generate over $150 billion in service revenue annually with cumulative infrastructure capital expenditure of over $10 billion by that date.


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