Friday, November 09, 2007

Microsoft to Cisco, "Our QoE is better than your QoS "! as a result of another Independent Study

I was reading the white Paper produced by Microsoft about it's "OCS, Quality of Experience" and found it to be very informative paper. It is a good way to brush up on your telecom VoIP, UC knowledge.
But when I reached page 41, I was not sure what to do! Microsoft has done a Benchmark Study! The last time it did a benchmark study (one of the many) against Linux and Windows e business capability, We had a good laugh. Looks like Microsoft can never compare Apples to Apples, perhaps the man at top does not like Apples. Why not peaches then?

So this benchmark study "which was prepared by Psytechnics Limited*. Psytechnics evaluated the speech quality performance of Microsoft’s Office Communicator 2007 client (using a pre-Beta 3 version of Office Communicator with prototype wideband USB handsets designed by Microsoft UC) in comparison with Cisco CallManager version 5.0 using 7961 IP phones."

(*Psytechnics ( is an independent Microsoft UCG QoE partner which owns patented technology at the heart of 5 ITU-T standards including PESQ and which has developed an especially effective set of algorithms to provide real time estimates of user’s subjective perception (typically expressed as MOS) across a very wide range of conditions, on the basis of its own extensive subjective testing.)

I have used Cisco Call Manager, I think since somewhere when Microsoft was fighting to fix bugs on windows 95 I think. My office Desk has a Cisco Phone, at home I have Cisco ATA. I do not have much experience with OCS, so I guess I am somewhat biased. But do not take my word for it, read the paper, do research and decide.

My questions? to OCS team and Psytechnics Limited;
Why did not you use Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Changed the name a while ago) software version 6.0?
Why not a wide band phone like, 7975G?
What does it mean? independent Microsoft UCG QoE partner.
Can't you ever get somebody other than a partner to do bench mark studies?
You might have valid answers and I am ready to learn.

So you spoiled otherwise a nice reading material. I am not an expert and that is the reason I am asking these questions, please educate.


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