Thursday, January 18, 2007

Joost invite is here, and I am Joosting!

Thank you for all the requests. Joost has not given me any invites yet. When they do, depending on the number, some of you who requested it will be chosen. I don't know how yet. Thanks

Although I knew a few people who had Joost invites, I did not get any. But finally yesterday I got an invite from Joost itself. Thanks Joost. I really see a difference in Joost and other video services I have seen. I could chat with someone already while watching a video.
Before writing more about Joost, I need to verify the NDA again to make sure I am not breaking any rules or regulations.
All I can say is that experience is super. quality is great and I will be Joosting more for sure.
I think the other social attraction in the net is here. Go Joost!
(Watch out for tag "Joosting" started here.)
Since this is Bay area, Go E-40 and all hyphies of hyphy fame!!

Joost, formerly Venice Project


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