Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MySpace joins Skype and offers MySpaceIM with Skype

According to an announcement on the about.Skype website, the popular social networking site, MySpace, has joined Skype strategic partnership with Skype to combine Skype's VoIP features with Myspace's IM client. The new service due out in November will allow MySpace IM users to call each other for free. Also they will be able to call Skype users as well.
The announcement unveils "MySpaceIM with Skype", a new product that integrates MySpace’s popular IM client— will add more than 25 million installed users—to Skype. The partnership will also enable users to link their MySpace profiles and photos or avatars to their accounts on Skype. Both products will be available to users starting in November.
MySpace also stand to gain some users with this deal as the word spread around all those Skype users and if they are not already on the MySpace, they might want to join to test the waters.
Skype is available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country around the world. The ability for Skype users to link their Skype accounts to their MySpace profiles will be available globally, except in Japan, China and Taiwan.

So why is Skype offering the free services to MySpace users, the same reason it offered us it's services free, to be able to offer money saving(us), Money earning(Skype) services to us.
So in addition to free, high-quality Skype calling, MySpaceIM with Skype will also allow the users of the MySpace network to optionally select Skype’s premium fee-based products, including:

  • SkypeOut™ – To make calls to landlines and cell phones domestically or internationally;
  • SkypeIn™ – A local phone number to receive calls wherever you are in the world from other people on landlines or cell phones;
  • Voicemail – To take voice messages when you’re busy or offline; and
  • Call forwarding – To redirect incoming Skype calls to a landline or cell phone.

  • I think it is a win win situation, for both the companies.
    Skype MySpace Announcement


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