Monday, January 10, 2011

Verizon Tweets From iPhone, Then Deletes Tweet. It Is iPhone News Tomorrow For Sure Now!

Verizon iPhone Tweet
#Verizon #Tweets From #iPhone, #Verizoniphone
The URL referred  by the tweet exists! :)
There was a Tweet this morning from Verizon which was sent from an iPhone, most probably a Verizon iPhone that is being announced tomorrow.
But there is another story that took the attention from the fact, Cult of  Mac went fact finding and blamed Techcrunch for photoshopping the tweet. It was so funny that took bunch of cross referencing, to make sure that you are not wrong in laughing so loud.
Those Mac maniacs must even be photoshopping their morning toasts and assume everyone follow the suit!
Well we wont be getting up early for Verizon News, iPhone 4G or not, it is so cold anyway.
and Cult of Mac, Updated to acknowledge the fact, (not that they eat photoshopped toasts but that TechCrunch may be right!)


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