Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gizmoogle, Google Gets Gizmo5 / SIPphone For 30 Million

Gizmo5 has been disruptive from it's beginning and supplying SIP based communications to the masses. It was also assumed source of replacement for the Skype had the IP Litigation between Ebay and Joltid turned sour. But Ebay and Founders of Skype settled, leaving Gizmo5 in a seemingly unpopular place. Gizmo5's SIP infrastructure was basically could have replaced the Skype's backbone if needed to be.
But the assumptions of the many turned out to be unfounded as there seem to be an agreement (unofficial) between Google and Gizmo5 / SIPphone. Google will take Gizmo5 in to it's folds for $30 million cash deal.

The deal will provide Google with solutions to a number of products in the IP Telephony arena. It will bring together Googletalk (or gooletalk as it was mistakenly got embedded here) and Google voice together. It will provide PSTN gateway for Googletalk and it's millions of the users but Google Voice stand to gain the most.
The much talked about iPhone Google talk saga will find a backdoor solution, until there is a solution for real Google Voice Client for iPhone, rather than the Google Voice Webapp. Gizmo5's SIP capability and SIP clients on iPhone might be a short cut to get iPhones on Google Voice. Something that Apple cannot block.
Millions of Asterisk users will have capability of using Google Voice as AstGizmo like services already interface Asterisk to Gizmo5.
Google Voice will also receive the means of getting out confinements of US and enter the international arena when the the time is ripe. I am sure Google got it's money's worth!
Via TechCrunch


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