Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Blabbelon Beta, VoIP For Gamers

Blabbelon Beta Blabs On snapvoip.blogspot.com

It seems like if you were turned off by in-game voice chat due to various problems, perhaps Babbelon might be of help with their platform independent Skype's SILK, a super wideband audio codec, based  software. The system said to provide push to talk capabilities which utilizes 50% less band with than the previous solutions.
Not only the bandwidth, but greater number of participants are supported for "BLAB"ing or chatting on the system. Administrators are capable of managing all those users with ease.
"I come from a family of avid gamers, and we were all frustrated with our options for online voice chat. I didn't understand why I couldn't just register once, click and talk and at the same time have the ability to easily invite people to join me, manage my various groups, and control my game through better quality communication. And so Blabbelon was born," said Ed Ikeguchi, founder and CEO of Blabbelon.
But some users are also seem to be taken by the system;
"I used Ventrilo for years, but since trying Blabbelon for about a month now - I've converted my entire Guild - and we're all telling our friends about it. There's no comparison, really. It's easier to use, simpler to manage, sounds great - and it's free. What more could you ask for?" said Lance Hurd, guild master of True Blood of Malkier, Alliance Mok'Nathal.
 The system provides;
- One-Click Entry with No Downloads
- Fast Push-to-Talk/Low Lag
- Party Control
- Party/RAID/Guild Security
- Multi-Platform Control
- Scalability
- Privacy
I have not tried the system but Tom Keating of TMC has a good review of the Babbelon. You can read that or dive straight on to the Babbelon.


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