Sunday, November 15, 2009

Verizon Drops The Ball, Droids Aren't That Attractive Anymore!

Verizon Droids Suck
For short while I was bit blinded by the Droid Ads and thanks to engadget, it all cleared up now! People who were thinking they were getting one leg up on iPhone and AT&T services has something new to look at, Verizon's contracts and ETF! Verizon has just managed to make a fantastic phone like the Droid a dud! Where is the FCC customer protection? If you cancel a Verizon contract on 23rd month, you still will have to pay $120 according to the following clip from Verizon rules.

I do not need to say much after that, I guess. So it is an Android on T-Mobile seem to be the best deal now, or is it?.


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