Friday, September 26, 2008

Gizmo5 SIP Trunks Trixboxed!

If you are a user of Gizmo Project, (Gizom5) and Trixbox CE, for your communications needs, you should be happier now. No more manual bungling to connect your Trixbox to Gizmo Project SIP Service. (We wrote earlier about how to connect Astrisk to Gizmo5)
The Gizmo5 team has released a module that takes care of all of your SIP needs regarding Trixbox and Gizmo Project. This module allows you to manage your account tasks like purchasing trunks, checking your account balance, top off minutes by purchasing. What is more is that it automatically setup your inbound and outbound routes.
You can get the module via Trixbox Package manager and will also be available via future ISO releases.

World's Largest Open Source Telephony Community to Benefit From Gizmo5's Leading Standards-Based SIP Trunk Services

September 24, 2008 - Gizmo5, the leading standards-based consumer calling service, today announced Gizmo5 for trixbox CE, the world's largest free and open source telephony community. Gizmo5 is now providing SIP trunk services to trixbox CE, which will help SMBs save up to 98 percent on business calls. The new offering also includes pay-as-you-go and is fully integrated with the trixbox CE open source project. The company has also joined Fonality's FACE program (Fonality Authorized Certified Ecosystem) as a Gold partner to ensure its products are optimized and compatible with the trixboxCE platform.

"Gizmo5 for trixbox CE is delivering great value to the trixbox CE community by providing cost effective phone services that can easily purchased and managed directly from within the trixbox CE dashboard. Users just create an account, purchase credit, and click one of the outbound route setup options and they can be making calls within minutes," said Chris Vuillaume, vice president of channels and business development at Fonality. "Gizmo engineers even went a step further with their module by providing the simplest way possible to setup SIP trunk services and inbound and outbound routes."

New users of trixbox CE or those performing upgrades can now set up a full range of SIP trunking services and be making calls within minutes from the same easy-to-use interface they already use to set up office phone networks. Administrators can purchase inbound telephone numbers from more than 20 countries and quickly map them to their business. Economical pay-as-you-go calling credits can be leveraged by the entire business to avoid costly per line setup or monthly fees. In addition calling credits can be rolled over each month for a more affordable option than phone systems that require a per user fee.

"For over a hundred years the phone company has charged businesses vast premiums for domestic and international business calling without providing any increase in quality. Now, with trixbox CE and Gizmo5 businesses can pay for only for what they use, save up to 98% over the phone company and have superior call quality", said Jason Droege, President at Gizmo5.

The calling service for trixbox CE is pre-configured to use the Gizmo5 calling network and includes a new UI for easy administration. Also included is a Tech Check system that confirms basic setup of a trixbox CE system and notifies users when new Gizmo modules are available.

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