Friday, November 13, 2009

Super Computer In Your iPhone, The Wolfram|Alpha app!

The Wolfram|Alpha iPhone app
Many will be happy that they will be able to use 50,000+ built-in algorithms, and 10+ trillion pieces of continually updated and curated data via the Wolfram|Alpha app for iPhone.
I used Wolfram Mathematica through out the university career and still continue to do so. But being able to have most of those capabilities in the palm of my hand, from where ever I am, makes it a reason to smile and thank the Wolfram team for the fabulous app.

So how do you turn the iPhone into a super computer? The  app plugs directly into Wolfram|Alpha's supercomputing cloud and makes the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine available, to where ever you and your iPhone are. The an elegant native iPhone interface that includes a special notation keyboard as seen above, customized iPhone output, editable history, and integration with maps and other iPhone services.
In a smaller scale, I am glad I can leave my notebook or netbook behind when I go on star gazing trips.
Also the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine is avialable over the web if you did not know already. I have made it my default home page!
The app is available from app store.


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