Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New iPhone Worm Targets Jailbroken iPhones!

iPhone worm snapvoip.blogspot.com
Unlike to previously released harmless worm, the new iPhone worm is looking for Dutch ING customers who login via their Jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch. But it is also the clueless users who installs SSH and leave the default password unchanged that get victimized. This worm uses command-and-control like a traditional PC botnet, using two startup scripts. First one runs on boot-up invoking the worm and the second creates a connection to a Lithuanian server (HTTP) to upload stolen data and let the perpetrators know about the victim
So if you are using a jailbroken iPhone, and have SSH installed, change the password!
You can do that by visiting Cydia app store and installing the MobileTerminal App. Once you have the app, run it and use the passwd command to change the default from "alpine" to whatever you want but something better than rockies.
But if you really want the App freedom, there are many fine Android phones.


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