Sunday, November 22, 2009

Be A DJ With Your iPhone With Touch DJ. (You May Leave All Your Turn Tables, Mixers Behind)

iPhone DJ

If you are trpped off by your little brother beating on DJ Hero showing off, now you can too, if you have an iPhone and $19.99 to spare. Yes with Touch DJ (which is supposed to be the first DJ App for the iPhone), It seems you can slide and mix well.  You can independently manipulate two MP3 or M4A files, with everything a normal DJ do while playing with their things, like scratching, looping, and equalizing.
But you also have to do a lot of dancing with your fingers like tapping and sliding, Then again if you are a self respecting iPhone user, you will be pretty good at tapping and sliding. But a word for developers, a lite version may have many iPhone users sliding your way. (For me, I will watch the video!:)

Amido via engadget


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