Monday, November 16, 2009

Nokia E72 On Shelves, Now!

Nokia E72

Nokia announced today that it is releasing it's much awaited hand set Nokia E72. (But all attempts to locate on online stores have prooved be otherwise). Either way the device comes with full QWERTY keyboard, and adds desktop-like email and chat experiences. The latest version of Ovi Maps with A-GPS navigation and compass, an optical navi key and 5 megapixel camera are all packed into the sleek, beautifully-designed handset.
Why the focus on emails and chat, according to research, we all tend to rely on emails for important task than a phone call (May be because of clear and ready trails of evidence) and that we spend a good deal of time emailing each other so Nokia is going where we are going.
On the occasion Nokia vice president Ukko Lappalainen said,
"The research shows that people are spending an average of five full days per year - equivalent to a full work week - responding to emails. Half of us (46 percent) choose email over voice or text to send and receive important information. The Nokia E72 was designed exactly with this kind of person in mind - it allows the owner to be more responsive and communicate how they want, whenever they want and wherever they are."
Nokia E71 users swear by the usefullness of the device so I guess there will be a large bunch that will jump to get the E72. But I think I will go the Nokia N900 Way.


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