Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Chrome OS and VoIP Apps

Google Chrome OS and VoIP Apps
After the news of Google Chrome OS (Chromium OS Open Source Project) yesterday, quite a few people have tested it on VMware and other methods. I am waiting for this weekend to do a full copiling from the source and the test the bugger. But being VoIP related, I looked for VoIP support for within the OS. Of course there were many others who had the same idea.
I settled for the article written by Tom Keating of TMC in his VoIP & Gadgets blog. He has tested Flaphone, a flash based web application, basically a SIP endpoint. He confirms that it works well. He also got news that TringMe works on the new OS (It already works on GoogleTalk). I guess there are many others and any Linux based VoIP apps should run without much trouble. Perhaps need to compile anew. But until then, we know at least there are two VoIP Apps that works.
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