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Ribbit Mobile Beta, Google Voice Like Service Goes Live Today.

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The telco 2.0 company that British Telcom Acquired for $100 Million, Ribbit has released a mobile suite of software today. I was actually wondering if it was Ribbit Amphibian they released a while ago, just looking at screen captures..
The mobile suite built on Ribbit platform is similar to Google Voice and offeres Voice Memos, a feature not available on Google Voice. When I signed up, the price is 0.00 but there is a possibility it going to be $30.00 a month at the end of beta.
You can download software at Ribbit mobile.

Press Release;

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - November 3, 2009 - Ribbit announced today the release of Ribbit Mobile, a cloud-based service that provides a new way to manage calls, messages and phones. Ribbit Mobile's core set of features - including voicemail transcription, smart call routing and Web-based calling - transforms the way people communicate by letting them decide how, when and where they want to stay in touch.

"With voice and data networks merging, consumers, businesses, software developers and even traditional telecommunications carriers are exploring new ways to communicate and evaluating how to successfully manage multiple communication streams," said Ribbit CEO Ted Griggs. "The challenge is that up until now the ways in which we most commonly communicate-voice, text, email, IM-exist in largely separate online and offline worlds. Ribbit Mobile is changing all of that."

Ribbit Mobile lets users communicate in ways never before possible by enabling them to merge multiple phones, route mobile calls to other phones and even answer their mobile calls on the Internet. Ribbit Mobile users can stay connected on their own terms-wherever they are-so they never miss another important call.

Unlike other Internet voice services, Ribbit Mobile doesn't require a new phone number, a new phone or a software download-and the service can be made active on any mobile phone in less than five minutes. Ribbit Mobile also converts voicemail to text and sends it to users via SMS and email, eliminating the need to dial into voicemail and listen to messages. It also provides an online message inbox where messages can be managed and stored forever.

Ribbit Mobile also offers users a back-up phone online for those times when a users' device is lost, stolen, broken or mobile service is unavailable. The Web-based version of the mobile device enables Ribbit users to continue to make and take "mobile" phone calls via an Internet connection, regardless of their location or device accessibility.

Service Increases Mobile Professional Productivity
For mobile professionals dependent on their phones to close deals and win new business, Ribbit Mobile is a must-have service. "Ribbit Mobile gives me a competitive advantage and helps me close deals faster," said Mortgage Loan Officer Jerry McClain. "I receive over 30 voicemail messages a day, and Ribbit Mobile gives me instant visibility into which ones are important so I can focus on what matters most."

Jeff Weintraub, a contractor specializing in remodeling, says "Every contractor knows that clients often change their minds during a project, and keeping the details straight can be a big job. Ribbit Mobile lets me keep an unlimited voicemail archive of all of my client communications so that I can easily reference old messages that provide instructions or requests. I don't lose important voicemails after 21 days like I did with my phone carrier-and if a client ever says 'I didn't ask for that,' I can find the related voicemail and we can review it together."

Open Platform Drives Telephony Innovation
Ribbit Mobile is built on the Ribbit Platform - a robust, extensible platform with open APIs that lets developers add features to Ribbit Mobile. As more developers create applications, the service will become increasingly powerful and innovative.

Ribbit is also announcing the "Developer Rewards" program which will compensate developers based on how much their applications are used, even if their applications are offered for free to end users. Unlike traditional app stores, Ribbit developers are rewarded on creating the most useful and popular applications that drive platform and network usage.

During the introductory beta period, Ribbit is making its "Professional" package free for everyone on a trial basis, available via download at http://www.ribbit.com/mobile. 

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