Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yahoo Messenger For iPhone 1.2.2 released

Yahoo Messenger For iPhone
It looks like today is iPhone app day. One after one desired apps are in the news and in the App Store.
Yahoo quietly has released the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone. From the comments left on the blog post about it, users seem to love it. I am yet to test it and perhaps this weekend will be the time!
Here are some features of the app;
* When you exit the Yahoo! Messenger app on your iPhone while signed in, you’ll show as available to your friends, so people can IM you
* Buzz notification sound is now more civilized and you could turn Buzz on or offwhen needed. Vibrations are added to Buzz that sent or received and Buzz received while on a conversation with another contact will show up on the screen.
* IM notification sound “shorter and prettier”. Otaku's will love it I guess.
* The addressbook integration works better and both yahoo messanger and iPhone contacts are available withing the app. They also have fixed some bugs.
You can get it from , the iTunes App Store or tap the App Store icon on your iPhone and search for Yahoo! Messenger.


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