Thursday, August 13, 2009

U.S., Canada Pay More For Wireless, OECD Reports.

Wireless Industry Lobbying
The OECD findings points out that consumers in Canada, Spain and the United States pay the most for calls and text messages of all 30 ranked OECD nations. We already know that and that is with lousy service that makes good bloggers like Brian Lam say swear words.
Unlike most of the world, we pay for incoming and outgoing calls, the executive who thought that must be brilliant, and related to vampires.
Anyway CTIA has released a press release (It is such crap that I will not link to it, but there is a link in the article I have linked, so if you really want you can still read).
CTIA and it's goons spend a lot of money in lobbying for wireless industry to eliminate consumer protections and price control.
"In the first half of the year, Verizon spent $9.3 million on lobbying, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. AT&T spent $8.2 million during the same period. Both are on pace to spend slightly more on lobbying this year than they did in 2008.

Later this month, the Federal Communications Commission plans to begin a broad inquiry into competition in the wireless industry. It will also review rules designed to prevent carriers from tacking junk fees onto phone bills.

As part of its review, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski reordered the agency to launch an inquiry into whether Apple Inc. nixed Google Inc.'s voice software from its iPhone App Store because it might compete with AT&T's services." WSJ Reports.




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