Saturday, November 24, 2007

T-Mobile Offers An Unlocked iPhone Due To A Court Rulling, But wants Withdraw, If Appeal Prevails

T-Mobile has agreed to sell an unlocked version of iPhone in Germany. This comes shortly after a court granted an injunction requested by Vodafone mandating that T-Mobile either sell an unlocked version of the iPhone or withdraw the product from the market. German Competition law is the sited cause, which prohibits an operator from selling a phone which is locked and with a two year contract.
The unlocked version of the iPhone is €999 (US$1481). T-Mobile sells a locked 8GB iPhone for €399 including 19 percent value-added tax. (Is that legal? Yes)
T-Mobile said users who opt for the unlocked version will miss out on some of the features that are exclusive to the company's network, such as the iPhone's Visual Voicemail.

T-Mobile is appealing the injunction and will withdraw the unlocked version if the company prevails, and T-Mobile is also considering filing for damages against Vodafone.


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