Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPhone 1.1.2 iHacked, (Apple just Unlock the bloody Phone, you have to in France anyway!)

Big Update 1.1.2 has been Jailbroken. Go here fore for information.

Apparently Iphone-Elite team has indeed made the unlock work for the new modem firmware.
Downloads and information is here. (The team has basically figured out a way to downgrade 1.1.2 to 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 and unlock it. They haven't actually unlocked the 1.1.2 iPhone,)
Read Carefully:

  1. If your iPhone came with 4.02.13_G (aka 1.1.2) OUT OF THE BOX then do NOT use this unlock yet.
    • It hasn't been tested with bootloaders other than BOOT03.09_M3S2
    • Very new iPhones (and all U.K. iPhones) come out of the box with BOOT04.06_M3S2.
    • If you're in doubt, check the output of bbupdater -v or go into minicom and issue at+xgendata"

As soon as I posted our Thousandth Post I have to write again about iPhone 1.1.2 iHacked version.
TAUW, has the complete shebang on iPhone 1.1.2 hack. The above photo shows that you can easily change Keyboard setting and the icons.
Apple what is next, a forced update to connected iPhones, it is not too late to learn from Google, make iPhone open, (Not Open Source).


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