Thursday, November 22, 2007

iPhone's European Troubles, iToldyouso!!

iPhone's European Troubles
As I mentioned in the previous post, iPhone 1.1.2 iHacked, (Apple just Unlock the bloody Phone, you have to in France anyway!)
Looks like Apple is having trouble over in Europe. Unlike the system that is here setup mostly to save corporations, in Europe it is a little better, it is mostly people that matter. So the practices that are alright in the USA may not hold ground in European countries. So did Apple do it's due leg work before going to Europe with iPhone?
Looks like it is unlike they did. On Wednesday, T-Mobile, Germany's exclusive iPhone dealer, announced that it would offer the device without a contract to comply with an injunction issued by a Hamburg court last week. A result of a lawsuit by mobile-phone giant Vodaphone. Similarly, in France, where the iPhone goes on sale next week, Apple has been barred from requiring customers to sign up with the service provider Orange. There might be more places that locked iPhones are not welcome. The Orange and Apple deal in France, will also have to offer an unlocked iPhone for the French market to comply with France's telecom laws.
So unlocked iPhone or jailbroken iPhone might not be an issue anymore. Apple will have to allow other providers to provide services over it's iPhone and basically they need to unlock the phone. Once it happen over there, users here in USA and UK, where no law prohibits companies from selling locked phone, might use the OS or iPhones from Europe. Apple will have to settle with only the profit from hardware, loosing the cut it expected to get from exclusive providers!
But my question is, where would the support come from?


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