Friday, November 09, 2007

'"Google Phone is Coming Soon" with a touch screen!'

According to BusinessWeek, HTC might be the first of the alliance to bring out the Google Phone. So what I said a few months ago, I can repeat; '"Google Phone is Coming Soon" with a touch screen!'
Florian Seiche, HTC's European vice president, said that the company's goal was to provide a "broad portfolio" of devices targeting various segments of the market, from consumer to enterprise. Android devices, he said, would fall squarely into the relatively new consumer side of HTC's business, targeted this year with the Touch phone.

"The core nature of Android is the fact that the internet should be put right at the centre of your mobile experience," said Seiche. "It is fair to say that it will be very much focused on the growing part of the consumer market that is using mobile devices for much more than voice calls and text messages."

Seiche claimed that HTC was "fairly far along" in the development of the handset, as demonstrated by the time frame for the device's release.

Technical details of the device are currently scarce--many aspects of the platform will only become apparent when the Android software developer kit (SDK) is released next week--but Seiche hinted that "it's fair to say that touchscreens are becoming extremely important for providing user experience".

Source at Businessweek


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