Monday, August 17, 2009

i.TV 2.0 Remote Controls Tivo Boxes

i.TV 2.0 Remote Control
i.TV 2.0 is turning old Tivo remotes into obsolete devices for iPhone users. i.TV, an already super TV program schedule application is getting into the business of remote control of boxes that manages TV shows, like Tivo. Any broadband connected Tivo settops will be able to be controlled by iPhone with i.TV 2.0 which will be available from iTunes App store this month. i.TV not the same as iTV that later turned into AppleTV.

i.TV 2.0 carries following capabilities;

Remote Control: i.TV now combines the TV guide and the remote control on an iPhone or iPod touch. Remote controls are powered by the i.TV Remote Control Framework, which allows third parties to develop remote controls for use on the i.TV platform.

TiVo remote: TiVo is the first to introduce a soft remote on i.TV. You can now change the channel, fast forward, record and most importantly play your favorite shows and movies, with just a tap on your iPhone or iPod touch.

New look: i.TV now has a simplified and streamlined user interface.

iTunes: From within i.TV, discover related TV and movie content and then tap to download from iTunes.

Push notifications: Set alerts for when your favorite TV shows air. Never miss a show again.



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