Monday, November 26, 2007

VoIP Security Education at ITEXPO East 2008

I have written about 100 posts related to VoIP Security. The latest (last week) being SIPtap (A Proof of Concept Tool), Taps into SIP Based VoIP Calls Records Them.
A lot of sites have written about this same issue that SIPtap has brought about. Of all the articles, the theme is that we need VoIP Security.
The good old PSTN days, we did not know about security, or did not care as Ma Bells, Pa Bells and all other bells took care of securing, wiretapping our phone calls.
But the VoIP is mich more than a phone call. Our VoIP accounts will be tied to most of our information. Leaving VoIP unsecured will be like leaving your house door open, in a bad neighborhood.
In a corporate environments, there will be much more information that need to be secured. It is not much different from the needs of securing your Data Networks. But just because the data networks are secured, your VoIP or UC, Unified Communications will not be secured. One need to take care of addressing the special needs that comes with taking all the communications to a IP platform. Be it self hosted or out sourced.
By reading Rich Tehrani's blog reminded me today that Internet Telephony Expo, ITEXPO East 2008 is coming soon. It will be held on January 23-25, 2008 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.
So what has this got to do with Security. A Lot!. The education is the key to success in any field and that is what you will be able to get at the ITEXPO East 2008.
Security Challenges in the Enterprise is a good starting point and will be presented by industry experts. There will be other interesting sessions that are typical at ITEXPO.
So register now and secure a seat so that you can learn how to secure your Unified or standalone communication networks.


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