Monday, August 06, 2007

OutCall, Asterisk OutLook integration application, version 1.40 is out

Although initially intended to be a commercial application, providing integration of OutLook and Asterisk, Bicom Systems Ltd. has decided to offer OutCALL in open source application to promote the efforts of development of Asterisk and related open source projects.

The following are listed as the capabilities of OutCall;

  • Integration with one or unlimited system extensions (SIP/IAX)
  • Automatic integration with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and higher
  • Call History
  • Real time call notifications via pop windows
  • Placing calls within Microsoft Outlook, email message or contact
  • Automatic contacts data update
  • Automatic application updates notifications
  • Clear debug information
  • Full Asterisk integration
With the number of Windows installations out there with Outlook, this might be a perferct instrument to get Asterisk and related services to a windows Desktop! I was reminded of the application upgrade by Daily Asterisk News.


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