Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Net2Phone tries to attact customers of Other providers with free 3 month service offer.

Seems like right time to offer services for VoIP switch overs. Sunrocket and Vonage (althought not mentione by name it self) are mentioned in the ad (or promotion) as insecure startups. In the case of Sunrocket we know the answer but Vonage, honestly I don't know. In either case, to me, it is not a reason for switching. It should be how good you are, not how bad the other guys that will make me switch over. It is a bonus that you are a established company.
A few years ago, Google was a startup while AltaVista and Hotbot were well established search engines.
Again it is my personal view, other's might vary.
From the special web page Net2Phone offers;
Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for only $19.95 a month -- plus, your first 3 months FREE!

In addition, Net2Phone VoiceLine offers you:

  • 11 free features -- VoiceMail, Call Waiting, Caller ID
    and more
  • Low international calling rates to over 250 locations
  • Keep your phone number -- port it to VoiceLine
  • Virtual phone number options
  • Online account center
And you will be charged for;
  • $29.95 activation fee
  • $10.00 shipping and handling
  • Applicable monthly taxes and surcharges. These include a $1 Enhanced Service Fee and a Federal Universal Service Fund surcharge.
  • We will automatically credit your account for first three (3) months of service (not including applicable taxes and surcharges)

After the three-month promotional period, you will be charged $19.95 a month for your Unlimited U.S./Canada calling plan (plus applicable taxes and surcharges). If you cancel anytime within the first twelve (12) months following activation of your account, you will be charged a deactivation fee of $39.99.

Go get your Service


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