Friday, January 07, 2011

Getting Enterprise Video Encoding In To The Cloud And Delivering It

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If CES 2011 is any evidence of what may come in next few months, I think one of the major industries in the USA, TV content, will go everywhere. Everybody had models showing dual core phone to multi size tablets that will further enhance our mobility and watching everything in HD, from TV shows, movies to Teleconferencing. Again I saw the technology that can deliver it, ever increasing speeds of networks, like 42Mbps from T-Mobile or AT&T's self created 4G added to Verizon, clear and Sprint high speed pathways, that can deliver content. But something missing was the methodology to deliver content, I meant a standard to deliver steaming content to be clear as there are many methodologies to deliver streaming content, like Flash, HTML5, Microsoft's own and companies like Real. Perhaps H.264? Peter Csathy's guest post on Streaming Media (remember SightSpeed?) helped me to get my head out of the cloud, so I could join the year of the cloud, 2011 properly, regarding streaming Media.
I found Csathy's article via VoIP Watch


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