Wednesday, January 05, 2011

AT&T To Launch 12 Android Devices In 2011, Perhaps To Cover iPhone Losses.

#ATT To Launch 12 Android Devices, #ComplemenTV
Looks like AT&T is going Google Friendly in 2011, after it nearly killed Google Voice on iPhone. May be it is begining to feel the heat form having to share the iPhone with a carrier with better network. AT&T is also taking care of 4G, or rather the lack of it, AT&T Mobility boss Ralph de la Vega said at the carrier's Developer Summit in Vegas today that he considers both LTE and HSPA+ to be 4G technologies, I agreed with him, saying my rump is red too, like those of snow monkeys.
Many of the devices were already announced at the Developer Summit at CES 2011, which even "bare naked ladies" could not drag me.. But knowing the experience, do not expect stock Android phones.
We will have to wait and see what AT&T's Android Strategy is. I really hope it to be different from it's iPhone Strategy.
AT&T also announced the mobile and U-verse integration.Through DLNA authentication, apps will control U_Verse TV experience. An iPad demo showed an show schedule on iPad control U-Verse DVR. But if you are an advertiser, you can jump up to AT&T's offering to the field, ComplemenTV. It allows to check what channel is being watched on the U-Verse and deliver extra content on the iPad, just like the ComCast Xfinity App.

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