Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Faster Inflight WiFi Coming To The Sky Near You.

Faster Inflight #WiFi  http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
We have written about the Go Go in flight WiFi before and I have personally experienced (winced) the service on Virgin Airlines. Winced because I wished it could have been better, but it was certainly more useful! I have not flown Airtran, the other fleet wise WiFi airline.
Andy from VoIP Watch tells us that it is going to get better. When I checked in, yes, ViaSat, a satellite communications company, is bringing us, with JetBlue, what it called next-generation Wi-Fi service on JetBlue’s 160-plane fleet. Yes I do catch flights on Jetblue. According to the plan ViaSat will launch a 130GB broadband satellite next year expanding the bandwidth for satellite-based Internet systems.

 “If you want to watch a Netflix movie or you want to download a 50-megabit file from an enterprise server, or you want to interface with media-intensive type applications, this will make it economical,”voiced Richard A. Baldridge, ViaSat’s president and chief operating officer.
 All in all, the service is expanding and it is good news for those who fly and have to resolve to type those long reports during even longer flights. Now you can actually do some work :) like on San Francisco New York Virgin flights.Inflight WiFi should be natural, if you can call it natural.
NYT via VoIP Watch


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