Friday, September 10, 2010

Foxconn Founder Terry Gou On Newsweek!

Foxconn Founder Terry Gou
"I don't want to spend time having people sue me every day" is the reason he will stay away from USA tells the Foxconn founder in reply to a question about expanding business to USA. He says that he has been working hard to stop / reduce numerous Foxconn suicides that even found the Steve Jobs venerable iPhone capable of killing a human, literally.
The story of the man who makes your iPhone (and your Dell, your IBM, just plug in any name you want here)  seem to be interesting. Read if you have time.
The colossus that Gou (pronounced "Gwo") runs today started with a $7,500 loan from his mother. His first world headquarters was a shed he rented in 1974 in a gritty Taipei suburb called Tucheng, which means Dirt City in Mandarin. Gou, then 23, had done three years of vocational training and served in the military. He then worked for two years as a shipping clerk, where he got a firsthand view of Taiwan's booming export economy and figured he ought to stop pushing paper and get into the game. With the cash from his mother, he bought a couple of plastic molding machines and started making channel-changing knobs for black-and-white televisions. His first customer was Chicago-based Admiral TV, and he soon got deals to supply RCA, Zenith, and Philips


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