Monday, September 13, 2010

Announcing AstriDevCon 2010 At AstriCon 2010!

AstriDevCon Reestablished Todd has posted to Asterisk-Dev mailing list about re-establishing AstriDevCon, the mini-conference within AstriCon 2010 conference. I am sure many developers will find it most welcoming as they get to spend one whole day with fellow Asterisk core developers;

where core developers can have direct and uninterrupted access to each other in a more direct way than usual.These sessions often result in massively productive results, either as new features are contemplated and developed, or as old problems are finally vanquished through the application of many eyes and hands. Says John Todd
Seats are limited.  Preference will be given to developers who are active participants in the issue tracker, patch submission, and asterisk-dev mailing lists and IRC channels.  There is no charge for attending AstriDevCon, though registration is required. Register for AstriDevCon at
John also mentions that the AstriDevCon is fairly unstructured, but it is typically the case that there are discussions on:
   - security issues
   - priority of work issues
   - general brainstorming on new features
   - difficult bugs in the issuetracker
   - protocol (SIP, IAX2, etc.) questions and decisions
   - integration of third-party applications
If you have any questions, get in touch with John Todd via the email address provided at the following link


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