Monday, September 13, 2010

British Telecom (BT) Selects Cisco Content Delivery System As It's "Content Connect" Backbone.

Content Connect, BT Collaborates With Cisco for broadband TV
BT has announced that it has chosen Cisco content delivery system to form the backbone of BT's Content Connect, an online video delivery network. Content Connect will improve the experience of consuming digital content on the net.
The Cisco CDS, content delivery system, will aid BT to establish form broadband as another TV delivery platform. Content COnnect is an open system that will deliver digital content such as TV programs, to any computer, TV set or a mobile devices such as smartphones, irrespective of the ISP or the technology, as long as there is a broadband connection.
"Our industry is witnessing a significant growth in content delivery over broadband – driven by the consumption of video services at home, at work and on the move. Working with Cisco enables us to offer an efficient, long-term solution and bringing the power of broadband and content together leads to exciting, innovative end user experiences. It will allow all players – including content service providers – to extract more value from content services in the future while pleasing end users." voiced Simon Orme, BT Wholesale's Strategy Director of Content Services.
Cisco CDS will enable BT's content connect service to offer a country wide service with QOS assurance paired with detailed reporting and analytics as to how the content delivered is consumed.
"Because of the variety of content available on the Internet, consumers are now accustomed to choice; they want to access entertainment content, anytime, anywhere. The Cisco Content Delivery System will help BT work more closely with content providers to meet the demands from today's savvy consumers." said  Kip Compton, general manager of video & content platforms business unit at Cisco,
BT expects to introduce its Content Connect service in early 2011


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