Sunday, October 04, 2009

Flying With GOGO

Inflight VoIP Service GoGO!
I will be testing the GOGO service this week  as I have planned to fly a bit this month. Last month I was mostly grounded except for a short flights to LA.
But VoIP Watch beat me to it and tested the service and I trust Andy's words, I think I will be just using it, instead of testing (He also wrote earlier about in flight VoIP and manners);

Here's the net net. The peace of mind, knowing I can be in touch vs. out of touch makes the $5.95 cost for GoGo on a short hop a pleasure. Add to that the in-seat power keeps my Air nice and charged, ready for a morning of breakfast, some fresh air and a view of the Bay from where I will be most of the day working away before meeting up with friends in SF.


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