Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skype Facebook Seeks Deep Integration!

#Facebook Connect Skype
All things Digital's Kara Swisher is telling us that there are plans under way to bring Facebook and Skype together with deep roots holding the users and companies together. Things must be good at Skype because they just announced the Skype Connect Avaya deal.
The Facebook Skype alliance will among other business deals, will include SMS integration, voice chat, and Facebook Connect. I see video chat (Conferencing?)as well, see the image below!

With so many people spending their net time on facebook, it will be pretty attractive to send SMS without getting up from Poker game :) or talk to another player online during the games, make real poker buddies. Unlike the facephone,  facebook is not telling us that it is not looking to develop Facebook VoIP system and perhaps this is for the facephone, The Facebook Phone.
I can see that Skype and facebook stand to gain from the deal as 560 million Skype users and 500 million Facebook members should at least make those numbers close to 750 million each!


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