Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eight Years Of Google News

Eight Years Of Google News
Beginning in September 22, 2002, Google news started to turn pages, and I basically stopped turning any news paper pages.
What started as an English language news portal is now has turned in to 72 editions in 30 languages. I read at least four editions in 4 languages, non of which I am really good at!

All these were results of a team led by Krishna Bharat, founder and engineering head of Google News. The idea stemmed out of need for real news after the September 11, 2001, he was stuck in New Orleans at the time.
"a lot of time to think about current events and news and trying to get out of there,I came back here and said, 'I know how to extract content from news sites, how can I make this process of understanding much more improved?'" Bharat has mentioned in a recent interview with CNET.
The eight year ride was not that easy either, with news publishers complaining about drain of their visitors while others wondered, if their news will get included. But it has come a long way and like I, countless others all over the globe relies on Google News to get their news.
Speaking of the future of Google News, Krishna Bharat has said,

"The future of Google News is better personalization and better social input," Yes word of mouth and friends amount to a lot of news we hear!
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