Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Phone, Facephone Coming Soon?

Facebook Phone
Update: Facebook says no! No Facephone it seems. But We will believe you when you don'd says TC. A new link about facebook PR utterances refering to some iNQ phone added at the bottom. 

Yes if Techcrunch is right it seems. Facebook alarmed by the iPhone and Google's own Android, Nexus One, has quietly been building a phone of it's own, Facephone! Facepalm on you Google, and you too Apple.
The facebook phone said to be worked on by two high level Facebook employees – Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos. Yes that is iPhone facebook app Joe Hewitt. Papakipos has sailed from Google Chrome to facebook.
TC thinks it will be a low cost phone around $50 with all the facebook features users want built in and from what I read it is going to be just a phone with facebook, one that you can call your friends just shouting the name of your friend at the phone.
I think it will take much more than that to make me use facebook phone, my old iPhone 3G and my T-Mobile G1, can do all those and more. Once I get my replacement for Apple 3G, soon, it is going to be hard to move me, to a cheap phone. Then again, most of the facebook users are teenagers with smaller pockets. Yes, it might fly! like the Google's Nexus One, in to the oblivion.
No facebook phone, TC


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