Thursday, September 30, 2010

HDCP Masterkey Compromise Acknowledged By Intel

#HDCP #Masterkey Compromise Acknowledged By Intel
The HDCP master key that leaked on Tuesday is the big one, INTEL has confirmed. The key was posted on the internet on postbin site. HDCP was concocted to protect high-definition movies stored on Blu-ray and other devices. Even Adobe enabled HDCP encryption.
HDCP typically protects movies as they pass through DVI or HDMI ports on devices and now MPAA standing in the middle of the road with no clothes on! Stupid business planes by stupid people, tend to break!
HDCP was created by Intel and is administered by Digital Content Protection LLP. INTEL and DCP LLP wins with money in the pocket, MPAA loses!
Intel spokesman Tom Waldrop said "We have tested this published material that was on the Web," Waldrop said. "It does produce product keys... the net of that means that it is a circumvention of the code."
The leaked key on the site that lists the code comes with instructions;

"This is a forty times forty element matrix of fifty-six bit hexadecimal numbers, To generate a source key, take a forty-bit number that (in binary) consists of twenty ones and twenty zeroes; this is the source KSV, Add together those twenty rows of the matrix that correspond to the ones in the KSV (with the lowest bit in the KSV corresponding to the first row), taking all elements modulo two to the power of fifty-six; this is the source private key.
"To generate a sink key, do the same, but with the transposed matrix."


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