Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make Free Calls With GMail Voice Service And FreeSWITCH.

Free Calls With FreeSWITCH And GMail
Folks (actually Anthony Minessale) has cooked up a bit of code to connect FreeSWITCH to GMail Voice interface.
They were able to get multiple calls up to prove the capability. This another confirmation to brilliant design of FreeSWITCH, plug anything you want, almost.
It only requires that you have a GMail account, and FreeSWITCH with mod_dingaling enabled (make sure to enable it load at runtime in modules)
You need to make some changes to  some lines in freeswitch/conf/jingle_profiles/client.xml. Create a Dialplan and you are in business!
The entire code and instructions are available from FS Wiki,
FreeSwitch Wiki


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