Thursday, September 09, 2010

AT&T Get's What They Asked For On Facebook, "User feedback on AT&T service"!

Feedback / Bitching AT&T
I have never failed to show my displeasure with AT&T but I was always wondering how the other AT&T customers were doing. Today I got my answer, Mostly they are in the same boat as me from the feedback they provided;
No reliable service in most places in San Francisco bay area,
No signal at home, almost 100%
Data plan restriction,
and so on.
AT&T supposedly has sent out an email and invited people come and comment on their facebook wall and comments they got, most like the one above or people planing to move when the contract is over. I like the one above because I experience Lee Freer's "out of USA great reception, return to USA no signal" all the time.
I too will leave, when my contract runs out, unless I get what I am paying for, $160 month is a lot.
Why I did not comment on face book? you have to "like" AT&T to write and I don't like you AT&T!So this is my feedback


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