Monday, September 27, 2010

"A Digital Media Primer for Geeks ", The Technical Foundations Of Modern Digital Media.

"A Digital Media Primer for Geeks "
For those who are unfamiliar with, the Xiph.Org Foundation established to protect the foundations of Internet multimedia from control by private interests. aim to support and develop free, open protocols and software to serve the public, developer, and business markets, basically everyone on the planet. Christopher "Monty" Montgomery, Red Hat engineer is the founder of the Xiph.Org project.
 The first video from Xiph.Org,  presents the technical foundations of modern digital media via a half-hour video that you could watch or watch online.(Inevitable YouTube version which I found is below, but please visit, to learn more about the organization) of information. It takes one through what some call, "a Uni lecture I never got but really wanted.. I have had enough university courses on the subject but I enjoyed the video very much. Perhaps it was the presentation and the efforts, and technology behind the video.
"A Digital Media Primer for Geeks" takes one through a brief history of digital media, on tothe sampling theorem,followed by a very detailed tour of low level audio and video characterization and formatting. As the title mentions, it is intended for the technically oriented and works as an introduction to video coding, and the video itself shows us that great videos could be done with totally open sourced technology. The video did not use any proprietary means to produce the video.
SInce it is a long video, you can download and watch at your leisure, which I did. But since it is there, I am also pointing to YT video. The has the video 360P, 480P and 720P and provides Chapter selection and subtitles in English and French. , A Digital Media Primer for Geeks.
Written by: Christopher (Monty) Montgomery and the Xiph.Org Community
Intro, title and credits music:
"Boo Boo Coming", by Joel Forrester
Performed by the Microscopic Septet
Used by permission of Cuneiform Records.
Original source track All Rights Reserved.
This Video Was Produced Entirely With Free and Open Source Software:

GNU Linux Fedora Cinelerra The Gimp Audacity Postfish GstreamerVorbis Theora Icecast Speex CELT FLAC XSPF


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