Thursday, September 23, 2010

FacePhone, The Facebook Phone, May Be, No, Yes And It Goes On

FacePhone, The Facebook Phone,
Since TechCrunch broke the news on the Facebook Phone, news has been running amok regarding the Facephone.  First was facebook announcement, "No facebook phone". Then facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed by TechCrunch which brought out;

Jason Kincaid: So, it sounds like a customized version of Android seems like the best thing, the deepest integration you could do without building your own operating system.
Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, and I mean…
Michael Arrington: Is that putting words in your mouth?
Mark Zuckerberg: No, I mean, we’ve looked a bunch of different technical things.
But things are getting warmer now with Bloomberg reporting the same INQ phone that was mentioned, will be the FacePhone and will hit the Europe first before coming to US, through perhaps, AT&T. INQ is said to be running Android based OS but TC says the Android OS might be modified for "deeper Facebook integration".
I think, at the end parents will have a way to escape from buying those teenagers, expensive iPhones. INQ those deals Facebook.


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