Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BubbleMotion Brings Voice Blogging, “Koe-Now™” To Japan!

BubbleMotion Brings Voice Blogging To Japan! http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Bubble motion, which brought Bubbletalk and bubbleblog (Bubbly) that allowed users to  record and send voice messages (Voice Blogging, Voiced Twitter) all over the world without actually having to call, is bringing Voice Blogging to Japan. In India the service is pretty popular and with the deal Bubblemotion inked with Japanese company KDDI will bring the service called "koe-Now" to Japanese users.
The Bubbletalk, allows user to record a voice message, upload it to Bubbly, and followers get notified via SMS, and who in turn will click and listen to the message. What a better way for shrieking followers of a pop star to be happy and Bubblemotion and KDDI to make waves.
Press Release;

Palo Alto, CA | Tokyo, Japan (September 22, 2010) – Mobile audio social networking pioneer Bubble Motion is today announcing KDDI as its latest operator partner to deploy its industry-leading BubbleBlog voice-blogging platform. Deployed by systems integrator NEC, KDDI’s “Koe-Now™” service launches today and is Japan’s first consumer service in the explosive voice-blogging space.
Bubble Motion’s BubbleBlog platform delivers a voice-blogging phone service so that people can share status updates in their own voice with fans and followers. These ‘bubblers’ just record their voice update into their phone, and instantly their followers everywhere are notified by SMS and prompted to click and listen. BubbleBlog, already hugely popular in India with more than 2 million users, has been described as a voice-based Twitter.
“We are proud to be introducing the exciting world of voice-blogging to Japan, with today’s launch of Koe-Now.” said Naoto Itoh, Director of Platforms for Consumer Business, at KDDI. “We are pleased to be working with industry-leader Bubble Motion to bring this service to the Japanese people, and we are confident that they will become addicted to the everyday access that they will have in listening in on the voice tweet updates of the stars and other famous people.”
How It Works
Japanese stars such as actors, musicians, comedians and other celebrities have agreed to use the service as a unique and innovative way to connect with fans and followers.  It’s simple and fun for celebrity voice-bloggers to use; they simply dial a code, record their update and hang up their phone – and all of their fans and followers will get notified to listen to their update.
Fans all over Japan can use Koe-Now to follow their favorite celebrity receiving day-to-day updates from the voices of the stars themselves by dialing a code to subscribe. KDDI’s 32 million ‘au’ subscribers can dial simple short-codes to subscribe to and follow celebrity voice-bloggers, while non-KDDI subscribers can also follow along by dialing in from any phone (mobile or landline) to hear voice updates from their favorite Japanese stars.
“Japan has always been light-years ahead of the rest of the world in leading consumer trends around mobile phones,” said Thomas Clayton, Bubble Motion President and CEO. “We’re delighted to be launching with KDDI, who is today launching the most advanced version of our BubbleBlog platform yet.”


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