Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bubbly Allows To Send Tweet Like Messages With Voice.

Bubbly A Voice Twitter
Previously there was very few way to do voice based twitter. One could have Call Into Twitter With Twitterfone or one could Tweetcasts with TwieetMicto name a few. But now you can get Bubbly and do the same but without twitter.
Bubbly allows one to record and broadcast messages from any mobile phone. Basically BubbleTalk™ is way to record and send voice messages to anyone in the world without actually having to call! I would ask why? But some may find it is a fun and exciting alternative to text SMS, like they do in India right now. Do not expect to save a lot unless you have unlimited data and SMS. But the attractiveness of the service it works across all phones and providers.

The service has turned into a voice blogging service that is becoming famous in India. In India people mostly use mobile phone than landlines for the lack of infrastructure. But Movie stars and companies are using this service for their advantage. Once a Bubbly user posts a bubble and inform his followers, they will listen and forward creating Bubbly Crowds.
To start voice-blogging, you enter a short code onto your phone, and start recording your messages. When a users records audio messages and updates, followers can listen in whenever they want.  To follow another voice-blogger, users dial the phone number for whomever they want to follow. Whenever there’s a new audio update, followers are notified via SMS with instructions on how to listen.  Bubbly is an extension of BubbleTalk, a click, talk, and send’ messaging service that doesn’t require any calling. They already have partnerships with mobile operators world over.
Bubbly via Techcrunch


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