Tuesday, August 04, 2009

US Service Men And Women Get Priority With Google Voice Invites.

Google Voice For Service Members
Starting today, any active U.S. service member with a .mil email address can sign up for a Google Voice account at www.google.com/militaryinvite and start using the free service within a day.
This will be a great service for Service men and women who are always on the move. I know because I have a childhood friend who is in the US Navy and I will be lucky if I could talk to him once in six months. Usually our communications are via email. with Google Voice, I think I will be able to hear him a bit more.
There is an account of Google Voice provides a solution to some of these problems. Service members can set up an account before they deploy. Or if they're already deployed, families can now set up an account for their service member. Loved ones can call to leave messages throughout the day, and then when that service member visits an Internet trailer, all the messages are right there. It's like a care package in audio form."
Official Google Blog: Audio care packages for service members with Google Voice


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