Tuesday, August 04, 2009

T-Mobile Selling iPhone In UK

T-Mobile iPhones
In a bid to retain high paying customers leaving the carrier for those carriers (O2)who provides iPhones, T-Mobile is giving iPhones to it's customers on the sly. With Apple being overly sensitive these days like Google Voice, I wonder what it would do now regarding T-Moblie. I am sure O2, Orange might not like it a bit.
"T-Mobile has imported an unknown number of iPhone 3G handsets from a European distributor, which it will be supplying to customers paying more than £75 a month if they threaten to leave - the latter clause enforced by allocating the handsets through 50 agents in the retentions department, and limiting those agents to three a week each." The Register reports.
May be this is an indication that customers are able to make corporaations bend rules, even risk existing contracts with Apple (T-Mobile Germany).
The Register


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