Sunday, August 09, 2009

Super Sexy BL40 Chocolate Touch Debuts On August 23rd

Super Sexy BL40 Chocolate Touch

According to a screen capture from a computer of the retailer, BestBuy, The boy Genius is telling us that LG's much awaited super sexy BL40 Chocolate Touch will be making it's debut together with bunch of other desirable phone on August 23rd in BestBuy Shops all over.Samsung's green (as in eco) Reclaim is also in the list which is slated to come out on 16th.

  • Samsung Gravity 2 (berry) — T-Mobile
  • Samsung Solstice — AT&T
  • LG Xenon (red) — AT&T
  • Global AirCard (G2) — Verizon
  • Samsung Rogue — Verizon
  • LG Chocolate Touch — Verizon
  • Samsung u450 Intensity — Verizon
  • Samsung Omnia 2 — Verizon
  • BlackBerry Tour — (new shipment, Sprint)
via BGR


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